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Parts & Service



The quality and timely availability of parts and services are important competitive factors for each of the Company’s brands, as they are significant elements in overall dealer and customer satisfaction and important considerations in a customer’s original equipment purchase decision. CNH Industrial supplies a complete range of genuine parts, remanufactured parts, accessories and telematics solutions, assuring long term value and performance to current and past products.

The continuous updating of products, quality standards and technology provided by CNH Industrial Parts & Service guarantee excellent performance of our brands’ service networks by maximizing the equipment’s profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Company operates and administers 56 parts depots worldwide, including 10 parts depots in NAFTA, 20 in EMEA, 5 in LATAM and 21 in APAC.



Barbara LATINI

EMEA P&S Communication

+39 0110078267 (Italy)


​​Chiara Elisa ARBORE

APAC P&S Communication

+39 0110095004 (Italy)



LATAM Communication

+55 4121077751 (Brazil)


​​​​​​​​Aaron BOOTH

NAFTA P&S Marketing Communications

+1 2626367574​ (USA)