Work With Us

People who are talented, passionate and open to the world. People who want to work together and achieve common success. People who look for opportunities to leave a mark every day.

Work With Us

People who are talented, passionate and open to the world. People who want to work together and achieve common success. People who look for opportunities to leave a mark every day.

Talent Development

Working for CNH Industrial is more than a job, it’s being part of a culture of innovation and belonging. If you’re looking to take the next step into a meaningful career, our Talent Acquisition group is looking forward to talking with you.

Find out more about opportunities across our global regions:

CNH Industrial is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all. We value diversity and work constantly to promote an inclusive and respectful environment. We ensure all candidates are treated fairly, respectfully, without bias and not subject to any unlawful discrimination.

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Latin America Careers

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Asia Pacific Careers

Your future with CNH Industrial: Career Choices

At CNH Industrial we all have the chance to make a difference, no matter the business we support - there are plenty of opportunities to leave your mark.

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Benefits for Employees

Compensation and Rewards

Rewarding performance and treating employees with fairness are the foundation of our compensation philosophy, named Achieve & Earn.

Our approach to reward is market driven, based upon achievement and subject to affordability, and is applied in an objective manner to our various programs: base pay, benefits and other rewards.

health and well-beinghealth and well-being

Health and Well-being

We provide a variety of wellness incentives and health benefits including, among others, paid preventive medical coverage and assistance, and dental or vision discounts.

We go beyond our legal obligations in the countries where we operate, ensuring the wellbeing of you and your family at various life stages.

work and personal lifework and personal life

Work and Personal Life

We develop programs aimed to significantly improve our work environment, including flexible work policies, opportunities for self-development and paid leave for specific activities.

Discount programs and employee welfare initiatives complete the offering to help you cover personal or family expenses.


CNH Industrial employees take into consideration the environment​​, people, and the ​local communities ​in which they operate when performing their daily business activities.

ALERT! Employment / Internship Contract Scam

Over time, and most recently in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic, CNH Industrial became aware of false job/internship communications from entities posing as our company, brands and employees. The scams ask for personal and/or financial information from job seekers and internship applicants. These electronic communications – whether by email or text message - were not from CNH Industrial or anyone authorized to communicate on its behalf. Nor are any of the associated documents actual or legitimate CNH Industrial documents. Unfortunately, the tactics that scammers use constantly change, and the scammers are difficult to identify and shut down. We urge all candidates to be aware and cautious when applying for jobs and internships, especially during this time when there are many people seeking work and employers working remotely may have modified some of their pre-pandemic employment processes.

The online CNH Industrial website tools used in our job application process will never require you to provide your financial information; nor will they ask you to deposit funds into your bank account. In addition, you will not be asked to sign any "agreement" if you have not already applied through the website and spoken in person with an authorized representative. Any authorized representative of CNH Industrial will gladly give you a return phone number or email address so that you can confirm their authenticity. If you have any questions about whether an electronic communication you have received is legitimate, please contact us through official CNH Industrial channels.