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Please understand delays, which may occur in all Countries communications from our recruiting teams and hiring managers.

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​Employment / Internship Contract Scam

Over time, and most recently in 2019, CNH Industrial became aware of false job/internship communications from entities posing as our company, brands and employees. The scam asked for personal and/or financial information from job seekers and internship applicants. These electronic communications – whether by email or text message -- were not from CNH Industrial or anyone authorized to communicate on its behalf. Nor are any of the associated documents actual or legitimate CNH Industrial documents. Unfortunately, the tactics that scammers use constantly changes, and the scammers are difficult to identify and shut down. We urge all candidates to be aware and cautious when applying for jobs and internships.

The online CNH Industrial website tools used in our job application process will not require you to provide your financial information; nor will it ask you to sign a "contract" if you have not already applied through the website and spoken in person with an authorized representative. Any CNH Industrial-authorized representative will gladly give you a return phone number or email address so that you can confirm their authenticity if you have any questions about whether an electronic communication you have received is legitimate.