The World of CNH Industrial

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​​​As a global Company at the forefront of industrial technology, CNH Industrial is opening the doors to a new virtual reality experience for any device holder with a compatible smart phone. ‘The World of CNH Industrial’ is an app for anyone interested in learning about what CNH Industrial manufactures through its 12 brands and just what these mighty machines are capable of doing. From saving lives in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to harvesting enough grapes to make 20,000 bottles of wine in a day, the app demonstrates that when it comes to providing the best technology and machinery for any job, anywhere, CNH Industrial never sleeps.​​​

Thanks to Virtual Reality and Gyroscope technology, users can immerse themselves
in a full or partial 360-degree experience that lets them navigate the globe
with the flick of an eye or the tap of a finger.

The app is designed to be paired with a Virtual Reality Cardboard Viewer, readily available for order from developers such as Google: In this mode, users will be able to move from location to location by focusing their stare and exploring each setting, physically turning their heads as if they were actually on the very street, crop field or quarry where a CNH Industrial brand machine is at work. Alternatively, the app can be viewed in Full Screen mode and perused via touch screen.

​Curious facts on each machine will pop up to give users a new spin on a traditional concept. For example, an excavator from Case Construction Equipment can lift the weight of four elephants and a hybrid bus from Heuliez Bus saves 25 more tons of emitted CO2​ per year compared to a conventional bus.

Our products work around the clock, 365 days a year

Using an immersive 360 degree view come and explore how our products help construct, recycle, plant, harvest, deliver, excavate and even save lives across the globe.

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