Iveco Astra

​​​​Extra strong, ready for extreme conditions and easy to set up, repair and maintain everywhere: this is the nature of the most specialized range of vehicles designed for heavy off-road applications in oil & gas, mining, quarry, heavy construction and heavy haulage.

Established in 1946, Iveco Astra offers the widest range of heavy-duty and heavy-heavy-duty trucks on the market – from tippers to rigid and articulated dumpers. All our products come with a high-yield strength steel chassis structure and a steel cabin to ensure maximum performance, robustness and reliability.

As you’d expect, Iveco​ Astra is also strongly committed to sustainability. We are reducing emissions from our trucks at the same time as optimizing waste collection, recovery and recycling during the production process.



Astra (Anonima Sarda TRAsporti) is founded by Mario Bertuzzi in Cagliari, Italy for reconditioning military vehicles.


The company moves to Piacenza, Italy.​


Early beginnings: The first civilian quarry-construction site vehicle is produced​


Astra takes part in the PARIS-DAKAR race with the BM309 achieving brilliant results in subsequent races.​


Astra becomes 100% Iveco-owned.​


The HD (Heavy Duty) platform replaces the old BM series.​


Astra launches the new range of Articulated Dump Trucks with the models ADT 25 and ADT 30.​


Astra launches the special HHD version.


Iveco’s activities are demerged from Fiat S.p.A and Iveco Astra becomes part of Fiat Industrial, the demerged Capital Goods arm of Fiat Group.


A new future: CNH Industrial is formed, following the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V.