Iveco Defence Vehicles

​​​Iveco Defence Vehicles, based in Bolzano, Northern Italy, develops and manufactures innovative specialized vehicles for defense and peacekeeping missions as well as for civil protection applications.

The entire range offers the most advanced levels of anti-ballistic and anti-mine protection for the occupants, alongside maximum mobility in extreme circumstances.

Vehicle production is divided into three categories: logistic and tactical trucks, which have been specifically modified for use in extreme conditions, together with multirole and protected vehicles, which utilize state-of-the-art technology in protection and defense applications.



​A specialist in defense vehicles: A Military truck production plant opens in Bolzano, the premises of Lancia Veicoli Industriali, which was founded in 1912 in Turin, Italy.​


Lancia is acquired by Fiat and changes its name to Fiat Veicoli Industriali. In 1974, it becomes Lancia Veicoli Speciali.​


Lancia Veicoli Speciali is integrated in the newly founded Iveco.​


​Pioneering protection: The plant becomes Iveco Defence Vehicles Division (DVD), a "unit" including Engineering and Commercial Departments dedicated to the development and production of highly protected vehicles.​


The Light Multirole Vehicle is launched and quickly becomes Europe's vehicle of choice in its category.


​Specialists in protection: Iveco DVD incorporates the "SICCA" plant in Vittorio Veneto, creating a highly specialized center for the development of prototypes and protections.​


​Anniversary acclaim: Iveco DVD becomes a business unit called Iveco Defence Vehicles (DV) and celebrates its 70th anniversary as one of the premier manufacturers of specialist military vehicles in Europe.​


Iveco’s activities are demerged from Fiat S.p.A and Iveco becomes part of Fiat Industrial, the demerged Capital Goods arm of Fiat Group.


Following the signing of a contract to supply Amphibious Armoured Vehicles to the Brazilian Army, Iveco Defence Vehicles opens a plant in Sete Lagoas, Brazil, to produce the VBTP 6x6.​


A new future: CNH Industrial is formed, following the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V. The new Medium Protected Vehicle range enters production and completes the spectrum of defense vehicles offered to military customers worldwide.


Iveco DV is included in the new organization as a brand of the Specialty Vehicles branch.​


​​​​Iveco Defence Vehicles becomes a joint-stock company and changes its name to Iveco Defence Vehicles S.p.A.


Bolzano plant celebrates the 80th anniversary from its foundation in 1937.


Iveco Defence Vehicles is awarded contract to deliver amphibious platform to the US Marine Corps in partnership with BAE Systems.