Maintaining longstanding relationships with customers is integral to CNH Industrial’s success. The Company’s Code of Conduct states that all CNH Industrial employees shall strive to exceed customer expectations, continually improve the quality of products and services, and build and maintain lasting relationships with customers. This code is also extended to dealers through Company contracts, which require them to abide by the Code of Conduct and its guidelines.​


CNH Industrial is strongly committed to interacting directly with its existing and prospective customers in order to create a transparent and lasting relationship, based on the Company’s fundamental principles.


Each product comes with an Operator’s Manual, through which CNH Industrial provides key product information to customers. This manual is an integral part of the product itself and contains comprehensive information on safety and ways to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption and pollution.​​


The Customer Service Center works with brands, dealers, Technical Services and other functions to measure customer satisfaction, collect customer feedback and improve the quality of service.​​​


When a customer experiences equipment failure, BDA enables the issue to be tracked from the initial failure report until all issues are resolved.​


ANS ensures a round-the-clock service to Commercial Vehicles customers, 365 days a year.