Respecting Human and Labor Rights


​CNH Industrial respects and promotes human rights in keeping with national laws, the fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In addition to setting out its principles of professional conduct, the Company’s Code of Conduct and the relative Human Rights Policy also emphasize the importance of respect for the individual.

CNH Industrial is committed to ensuring respect for fundamental human rights​​ wherever it operates, and seeks to promote respect of these principles by others where it has an influence, particularly contractors, suppliers and all other entities and individuals with whom it has a business relationship. In fact, the Company will not establish or continue a relationship with entities or individuals that refuse to respect the principles of its Code of Conduct.

CNH Industrial does not employ any form of child labor, meaning individuals younger than the legal working age where the work is carried out or, in any event, younger than 15, unless an exception is expressly provided by international conventions or local legislation. The Company is equally opposed to any form of forced labor.​​

The CNH Industrial Code of Conduct confirms the Company’s commitment to ensuring non-discrimination and equal opportunities to all employees in the workplace and in their professional advancement, free from any form of prejudice or discrimination - particularly on the basis of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, or personal beliefs, or regarding other protected groups. Respect for diversity and equal opportunities is vital within a multicultural enterprise operating globally.​​