Supply Chain


​CNH Industrial adopts a responsible approach to the management of its entire supply chain​​, from small local companies to large multinational organizations, establishing relationships that go beyond commercial transactions, and fostering long-lasting and mutually satisfying collaborations with eminently qualified partners that share the Company’s principles.

Advocating socially and environmentally responsible behavior along the entire supply chain is one of the Company's primary commitments.​

The Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct provides the framework for responsible supply chain management. In addition to compliance with local legislation, the Supplier Code of Conduct calls for observance of human rights and fair working conditions, as well as respect for environmental and business ethics.​​

CNH Industrial’s standards of environmental and social responsibility are fully integrated into its supply chain management. Moreover, a monitoring process is in place to verify that suppliers meet the sustainability standards set by the Company and, where necessary, measures towards improvement and realignment.​​