Transparent Supplier Engagement


​​​CNH Industrial believes its suppliers are integral to the Company’s growth, and is committed to strengthening its relationships with them by engaging in open dialogue at all times.

The primary means of sharing information with the supply chain are the Company’s website and its Supplier Portal, which was created in 2016 to further enhance a two-way exchange between CNH Industrial and its suppliers. The Portal is an interactive platform that is continuously enriched with new modules devised to deliver a ‘one-stop shop experience’ to the entire supply chain. It is the sole repository of supplier-related tools, documents, and communications, and serves as a central registry containing the contact details of every supplier.

CNH Industrial encourages initiatives that promote the exchange of ideas and information among suppliers, and between suppliers themselves and the Company​. These initiatives include: Come to Our Plant, Supplier Advisory Councils, Technology Days, and training courses on sustainability.

In addition, CNH Industrial provides ongoing advice to suppliers intending to implement the World Clas​​​s Manufacturing system.​